Mr K M Chan acquired a Middle Eastern company, VM Marine to become its major shareholder.The acquisition was carried out to expand Wecoy’s involvement in the Oil and Gas industry and to penetrate into the Middle Eastern sector. With the joining of Mr K M Chan, VM Marine underwent a different playing field. VM Marine began to acquire, own and operate its own vessels to service the Oil and Gas industry.

Differences in goals and management principles saw Mr Chan withdraw from VM Marine (de-merger).

Mr Chan then established Berlitz Group to serve the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Mr Chan and his Management Team brought to Berlitz extensive experiences in an assortment of marine activities (from shipbuilding to marine logistics and support operations in O&G).

Berlitz acquired MV BOL GINIA 8 and subsequently put her to work in Malaysia. Concurrently, a core operations team dedicated to offshore operations was developed in Singapore. By July, Berlitz opened a Branch Office in UAE and began Staff Familiarization program.

Berlitz took delivery of MV BES SAVVY and MV BES SINCERE. Expanded operations into Qatar and Saudi with a fleet of 5 OSVs. Berlitz also established a joint venture in Malaysia and acquired 2 units of OSVs for charters in Malaysia.

Berlitz owns 100% of 8 vessels with operations established in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. To complement existing fleet, Berlitz started to cross-chartered third party vessels. Gaining momentum, Berlitz also capitalized on its in-house operating platform and began offering ship management services (technical and/or commercial) to third party Owners.

Offshore oil crisis was in full blow and Berlitz implemented aggressive cost cutting measures. At the same time,
the year was wrapped up with the acquisitions and deliveries of 2 DP-1 vessels, Pacific 68 and Pacific 38. In parallel, the team also prepared for the delivery of 4 newly constructed barges – Bes Amphere, Bes Amber, Bes Armour, Bes Alliance. Total fleet size increased to 14, with operations in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman.

Acquired distressed assets of 6 units of AHTS, DP1, with existing contracts. Opened up market in Brunei and Africa. Progress is underway to set up an Africa local entity with JV partners to ensure local content and prompt services are delivered to African clients.

Total of 24 units of 100% owned offshore support vessels working in Africa, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brunei, Indonesia.

Acquired AHTS vessel “Swissco Onyx”