QHSE is at the forefront of our strategic planning. Through the establishment of a safety management system (SMS) that is in compliance with requirements’ of the IMO’s International Safety Management (ISM) code, everyone and the company has developed a positive attitude for continual improvement.



It is our policy to focus on understanding and fulfilling the needs of our customers by delivering quality services at all times



It is our policy that in the conduct of our business we place great emphasis on the health and safety aspects of our shipboard operations. We ensure that all crews holds valid medical certificate and also engaged in protection and prevention.

Our Health and Safety Objectives are equally important to that of our other Business Objectives and our line management is responsible for its successful implementation and safeguards all identified risk to safety.



It is our policy that everyone in our company, be it shore based or shipboard, is responsible in the protection of natural environment in our daily operations and related activities.

Our Goal is clear and simple – ZERO DAMAGE TO THE ENVIRONMENT!

We are totally dedicated to achieving this objective by putting in place a system control that identifies and removes the threat of an imminent damage to the environment.